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1.Rolyn Company: Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA): Matrix of Precautions for Construction and Renovation




Construction, renovation, and repair activities in healthcare facilities are likely to create and/or disturb dust particles, and cause them to become aerosolized (suspended in the air). These particles can include spores such as Aspergillus spp., a fungus commonly found in indoor environments.  The health of patients with suppressed immune systems is threatened.




Examples of activities that can release particles into the air that may be harmful to sensitive patients include:




  • Regular Maintenance (Replacing light bulbs in ceiling tiles)

  • Construction (Adding new hospital wing)

  • Renovation (Updating facility meeting with new AV systems that requires installing new cabling above drop ceilings)

  • Remediation tasks (Removal of mold, lead, or asbestos)

  • Demolition (Removing cabling, pipes and electrical lines)




How do you determine protective measures as defined in an ICRA matrix?



2. Bart Miller: Kennedy Health System, Joint Commission Life Safety Process during Joint Commission Inspections.

Location: Springfield Country Club

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